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XO-line loudspeakers are the vanguards of loudspeaker technology – Their ability to reproduce the tangible live-feeling of music is without parallel. The XO-line loudspeakers are at their best while using them in high-end stereo audio systems. The XO-line is designed around our CSR-technology which emphasizes the importance of vertical directivity of radiating sources.

The Collection

When only the best is good enough


Aurelia Cerica is the solution for uncompromising music enthusiast when best possible audio quality is searched for smaller listening rooms. The charm of Cerica is nailing the listener to chair where you can enjoy the best performances of your favorite artists.


Cerica XL

Cerica XL utilizes the same technology as Aurelia’s flagship Graphica XL. Cerica XL is still a compact speaker but now the casing is that of a true floorstanding one. Cerica XL’s delivers low end register with more authority than before but also with more control and dynamics. Our unique CSR-tweeter provides a very immersive sound with live-concert like feeling. Aurelia Cerica XL is a ‘no compromises’ speaker in a compact form.

Graphica XL

Graphica XL is the flagship model of Aurelia Loudspeakers. Aurelia Graphica XL is every audio enthusiast’s best friend. Graphica XL brings you in the middle of concert hall offering you tangible reality with your favorite recordings. Graphica XL draws the soundstage in front of you so convincingly that by closing your eyes you can feel the presence of the concert event. Relax and enjoy the experience.