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Superiore-line is aimed for multi-purpose use with all kinds of listening environments and music genres. The home-theatre solutions have also been emphasized while designing the Superiore-line.


In the Superiore-line, smooth energy-response of our ECW-technology is combined with taut bass response produced by our DDC -bass units.

The Collection

On behalf of better experiences

Ambera II

Aurelia Ambera II offers big, accurate and clear sound in a neat and slender package. Ambera II is an excellent choice to the smaller living room where bass of typical floorstanders usually becomes boomy. Ambera II can be used together with Aniara or Magenta to create an impressice home-theatre system to a smaller space.

Magenta II

Magenta II is the upgraded version of its popular predecessor Magenta. You can build an excellent, stereo system around Magenta II or use Magenta II as a main speaker of a smaller home-theatre system because of its deep and punchy but clear sound.