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Our design philosophy


Aurelia loudspeakers are known for their wide, deep and three-dimensional soundstage – Clear, pure and calm sound that pulls the listener in to the world of music. The sound stage actually bears more resemblance to electrostatic loudspeakers than traditional dynamic loudspeakers.


It seems that for most loudspeaker manufacturers the guiding principle in creating a loudspeaker is to find certain speakers that correspond with the manufacturer’s views of the correct sound in a certain price point. In marketing the focus is in the quality of the elements and components used – not in the acoustic principles and the methods applied to create the loudspeaker.


Here in Aurelia we like to do things a bit differently.


Aurelia’s leading thought in designing a loudspeaker differs from its competitors. For us the loudspeaker’s operation is purely based on wave motion physics. The starting point in our design is that the speakers used for loudspeaker should be dimensionally in harmony with the wavelengths they produce. This way the best possible coherency can be achieved between different speaker formations.


In the loudspeaker designing process the speakers are matched to work in their most natural frequency range. This means that Aurelia loudspeakers utilize the natural acoustic energy created by their own speakers. This way we don’t have to force the speakers electronically to reproduce frequencies that are not natural to them. This leads to a pure and clean sound.


Only first-class speakers and components are used in Aurelia loudspeakers but first and foremost they are designed to work with the acoustic concept we have designed. We always emphasize the significance of the acoustic design behind the final result – the loudspeaker.


Even with the best components available, one can’t compensate for a flawed acoustic design.


The basic operational principle of Aurelia loudspeakers guarantees a very smooth energy response compared to more conventional loudspeakers. In real life listening circumstances, the sound changes in an extremely controlled manner while moving off from the listening axis. Additionally, the speaker more effectively directs the sound towards the listener. Thus, the amount of reflected sound from the walls and the floor is lower than usual.


As a result, the loudspeaker behaves in a civilized way even in the most challenging listening environments – The sound stays pleasant and under full control even in rooms with excessive reverberation.