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The Designer

Our design philosophy


Antti Louhivaara is one of the leading loudspeaker designers in Finland whose works have highly been praised in international audio community. Louhivaara has previously designed loudspeakers for Amphion and ASL.


“When I began to design Aurelia loudspeakers, I wanted to avoid mediocre solutions in every possible way. The first goal from the very start was to create a completely new series of loudspeakers that would introduce both a unique acoustic approach and exceptional sound.


The starting point of the design was to recognize the typical conditions where loudspeakers are most usually used – the living room. From this basis, the basic acoustic designing principles of Aurelia loudspeakers were defined.


The essential point in the sound of Aurelia loudspeakers is its pureness. There is nothing additional to the sound – only the sound you should be hearing to its most tiniest detail. I can assure that the pleasant, lively and musical sound of Aurelia loudspeakers will downright mesmerize its listeners. “