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Our design philosophy


Aurelia loudspeakers stand out clearly in the market with their distinctive design. Aurelia’s design utilizes Euler spiral as the basis of the design. Euler spiral is both naturally pleasant and harmonious shape to the human eye. Elegant, scandinavian design and the harmony of the used materials create aesthetically calm and tranquil impression.


Aurelia loudspeakers are available in many different colors and finishing options which makes them the ideal choice even for a demanding interior.


The construction of our loudspeakers is unique. The greatest advantage compared to a traditional loudspeaker enclosure is that the construction is significantly sturdier.


The construction is very adaptive in the manufacturing process which allows the production of different finishing options much faster than normally. Thus, special orders are much easier to create. The construction also considerably cuts down the time that the enclosure spends in the production line.


Aurelia loudspeakers are made in Finland.